Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani Otome Game Review

Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani is an otome game available on Nintendo Switch for £44.99/ 49,99 €/ $49.99.

Released the 2nd of December 2021, developed by Otomate and published by Aksys Game.

This game is fully voice beside the MC.

This game is rated PEGI 12.

Synopsis and common route (spoiler free)

Synopsis from the Nintendo UK store:

Able to see what others cannot, Agent Shino Akitsu works for a secret government organization monitoring powerful beings who travel between realms.

She meets entities with different personalities and abilities.

Part gatekeeper, part travel guide, she does her best to keep these otherworldly individuals from getting into inter-dimensional trouble.

The common route is unlike normal common routes I’ve seen so far. Basically, you chose where you want to go and who you want to spend time, between events that happen regardless of who you’re chosing to spend time with. I’ve found the concept interesting and, for me, it’s always quite boring when I have to spend x amount of time with a LI I don’t want to chose for the moment. There isn’t any locked route aswell so we really are just free to do as we please.
The common route was kinda fun, and it wasn’t boring because well, you do what you want and beside the little events, you never really have the same route twice since you just don’t go to the same places.
One thing is, if you are not well versed in Japanese culture of mythical creatures and such, you’ll find yourself lost quickly, which I was. It’s not explained in a fun way and it was really boring aswell to me, so it got confusing because I was half reading to go faster and get this done.

Characters (Possible Spoilers)

Akitsu Shino

Clever girl

Akitsu Shino is a new recruit, so everything she does, she doesn’t have confidence in. She is very positive, that’s for sure, and sometimes that goes kind of on the bland side. However, she still has a personality that sometimes shines through. She has some moment where she can be kind of sassy, which is really cool to see. Oh and how seriously she takes her job is nice to see as she is kind of a police officer.
She also is pretty clever, she wont spend 165746 hours trying to figure out how she feels. She also says what she feels like, which, thank god, after playing Cupid Parasite, I cannot stand the whole “I will never say how I feel because I think they think this way but actually not” drama.
Overall, she is pleasant, doesn’t treat anyone differently, and always tried to do her best and the right thing.


Sleeping beauty

Voice: Yusuke Kobayashi ( Yuri Drewes – The Saint’s Magic Power Is Omnipotent | Subaru Natsuki – Re:Zero | Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Byleth (male) | Senki Ishigami – Dr.Stone | Yona of the Dawn – Su-won )


Hira is your typical powerful but lazy character. I found him really funny at times, kinda rude at others. He is not stuck in a box of being lazy and that’s all.
Behind his rude and annoyed front, he is actually pretty sweet and caring, but he just acts like it’s a pain to help out when he is actually happy to do so.
I can understand why he rejects human beings as he lived for so long already, and knew so much of them. He just doesn’t want to get attached to then cry, again, their death, which I think is fair enough and I would totaly do the same.
He is an old soul and he is fascinating, but god damn he is a lot of work. I honestly would’ve run away and cry at his mean words when Akitsu was just a bit sad about it.
Also, he is just so god damn cute. That’s all.


Hira’s route was my favorite because it feels like they’ve put a lot of effort in there, compared to others.
He has a whole drama happening but not because of us or him, because of outsiders, and after that, it’s just up to our relationship level, pretty much like that on every route. Really we have 1 choice that changes it all.
Anyways, we can truly feel his power when we are on his route, well a part of it anyways, but because we see a small part of it, we can realise how powerful that man is, and I think it’s important because it’s a part of what makes him, him.
However, like every other route, it’s extremely short. It does feel like there is little content.
The romance ending was cool, the cgs were lacking but it was not too bad on this one. It didn’t feel like they just started to love eachother out of nowhere, but because the route is so short, it felt really rushed.
For the friendship ending, it was fun, but that’s all. After playing the romance ending, you know what’s happening in Hira’s head and I couldn’t help but feel horrible for him.
The lost love ending broke my heart, I was really loving Hira so I think I got sadder than I should’ve. It was short, simple, they didn’t try and figure out something complicated, but it worked for the story.


Sweet fox

Voice: Takahiro Sakurai ( Suguru Geto – Jujutsu Kaisen | Giyu Tomioko – Demon Slayer | Shitan – Fena: Princess Pirate | Ayame Soma – Fruit Basket | Ruki Mukami – Diabolik lovers | Uta – Tokyo Ghoul | Rohan Kishibe – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure | Arataka Reigen – Arataka Reigen)


Shiratsuki is a sweet little guy. He looks young and talks like an old man, but he is still a kitsune, so of course he loves pranks. He is really fun to be around and he is just adorable. You can’t hate him. He is also very smart which he should be, given his role.
Shiratsuki does regret things in the past, but he does not let it dictate everything he does. Like, yes, he thinks about it, and he judges situations based on his past but he won’t refuse to move on from that.
He and his assistant have the perfect friendship and bring the best out of each other, so when he is around we see a different Shiratsuki. It’s nice, he is not just a cunning fox.
Also, despite his frail appearance, he is pretty strong aswell.
Shiratsuki is very straighfoward with his feelings and thoughts, it’s pretty nice that we don’t have to try and dig for him to open up.


It’s a frustrating route to say the very least. It’s a case of “people rather listen to anyone else but you on your own situation” and it got on my nerves soooo fast.
However Akitsu and him communicate really well so it avoids most issues, but rumors are hurtful and even Akitsu doubt herself because of them at some point.
The Romance ending is a great case of people butting in someone else’s relationship thinking they are their great savior, but not listen one second to you. What’s up with that?
He is super duper romantic in his romance route, so it saves a little bit the lack on content.
At least all is well and ends well, and the story stops at a good point, but again, it’s all rushed and short for no reason, with lacking cgs. Like there is no cgs on the ending. Kind of ridiculous.
The lost love ending was kind of sad, but it was also very dumb from both sides, that’s a yikes from me. Not much to say, as again, it was short.
The friendship ending was so forgettable that I didn’t note anything about it, and I just don’t remember anything at all?! So weird..
Overall, everything is too short.

Tokitsugu Semi

Cheeky boss

Voice: Toshiyuki Toyonaga ( Juichiro Tanizaki – Bungo Stray Dogs | Claude Von Riegan – Fire Emble: Three Houses | Orlok – Piofiore: Fates Memories | Yuki Katsuki – Yuri!!! On ICE )


To start with, I’d like to applaud his voice actor who did an INCREDIBLE job. When he laugh, it’s so natural, and he it just feels like a real life person talking rather than a voice actor, it’s amazing. He carried Semi’s personality, no doubt. I’m impressed! I don’t think I skipped a lot of his dialogue simply because he was a blast to listen to.
Semi is a very atypical boss. He definitly acts like one at times, and you can feel he knows what he is doing, but also he is very friendly and pranks his subordinates all the times.
His eyes are always closed, but I think it’s to show he is always happy go lucky.
He always hides his feeling because he thinks he can carry his burden alone, when it’s not really the case. He doesn’t want poeple to worry, but in doing that, he makes them more worried because he just won’t open up to anyone and barricades his feelings inside his walls.
Tokitsugu is very powerful. He is not THE most powerful of them all, but he is really good at what he is doing. I saw someone say he reminded them of Gojo Satoru, which I can agree on. But he is not the same character for sure, let that be clear! He just shares a couple of traits with him.


His route was, again, frustrating, because, again, outsiders went and sneaked their noses into Semi’s buisness for no reason. It seems a bit redundant but it’s always what happens.
Again, it’s super short and lacks content.. sadly.
Romance ending felt nice, bold, and in the end you can get a glimpse of steam… Rare, in this game, like it’s a god damn christian church at times (Half joking). Semi finally opens up and we get to share his burden. We also see Akitsu become someone even stronger mentally, standing up properly for him. Their relationship development felt very natural and realistic, so a bonus point for that.
Broken love was disappointing. Come on, I wanted my heart broken into pieces! It wasn’t very sad and I have no clue why they think it’s broken love when they could make it work. It’s lazy.
The friendship end is just kinda lame and wasn’t interesting to me.
Again, lazy writting and lack of content killed this route. The only thing that saved it a little was Semi’s personality.



Voice actor: Tatsuhisa Suzuki ( Draken – Tokyo Revengers | Anos Voldigoad – The misfits of Demon King Academy | Yuma Mukami – Diabolik Lovers | Ban – The Seven Deadly Sins)


Akuro is a very polite and proper. He is aware of his apparance : Talk, large, scary looking for anyone who just met him. He knows how to dispel these fear by just being overly nice and helping around, which is just being himself. I felt really bad for him when he asked us if we were scared. Poor guy.
He also has a dark past, one he is ashamed of, and he is traumatise by it too.
He can be funny at times, and everyone just loves him and trust him. He is very logical, very smart.
But beside that, there isn’t a lot that makes Akuro stands out.


Akuro’s route was very frustrating and very lacking. The content was poor, and the cgs… it felt like they couldn’t be bothered with him. It’s sad, he deserves more.
The entire story rely on one personne being a horrible person and wanting to frame akuro for 0 reason what so ever. That’s it.
For the romance ending… We don’t even have a cg for their first kiss. How ridiculous? Litteraly WHY? It was also rushed and the relationship does not develop like it should, instead it’s rush and time skips.
The lost love ending could’ve been sad, but in the end it wasn’t because of a single sound. You’ll get it if you ever play it. It wasn’t good, it was rushed, frustrating, and illogical.
The friendship ending is just them flirting. They aren’t just friend, and it shows. They both love each other but wont show it. It’s stupid to no end.
Again, his route was too short, badly written, and has not enough cg, or not at the right time.


Angry teen

Voice: Ryota Osaka (Naoto Tachibana – Tokyo Revengers | Bennett – Genshin Impact | Marco Bodt – Attack On Titan | Keiji Akaashi – Haikyu! )


Shu is an angry teen in his personality. He might be fun at times but honestly it’s tiring to get insulted constantly for no reason at all. He is aggressive and distrustful, he hates everything and everyone and has the biggest ego I’ve ever seen. I dislike him a lot, and his route was just not nice for me. He might have a “good” side, but it’s not enough to make me like this character. He was just annoying.
Oh and all he cares about is being cool. Talk about boring…
I also feel like his design and clothes are really weird. It makes his body just looks long?


His route was so disappointing. They could’ve done so much more, but it just falls flat. He has soooo much potential! Honestly I don’t know why they refused to make anything major happen. It’s just bad.
The romance ending should have been the friendship one. I don’t know why, it feels like there was no love between them to me. Akitsu was also very dumb during half of the route so it didn’t make it better.
The friendship ending is just kind of bland. It feels like there is little to no point to the story, and somehow it felt like there was more love from Shu than in the romance ending. What?
Lost love ending was super lame. It wasn’t lost love at all. It wasn’t that sad. They could’ve rocked the world they created with this one, but they decided to transform Shu into a sad boy, I’m confused.

Final route

The final route give you the plot Semi’s route started. However, it does not mean it goes very far. The writing is poor, they made little to nothing happen, there is very little CG. It’s not fun to wait for something amazing to happen and everything ends in joy and friendship. Honestly, this game had so much potential.

Side characters

The side characters were great! I particulary loved Chief Tokiwa. I don’t know, this man should’ve gotten a route, it would’ve been so interesting. Sadly, he doesn’t, and the game disappointed me again.
I love Akitsu’s friendship with every Shire’s aid. They’re all very helpful and just overall completed the main characters.

Art, music, writing, voice acting.

About the art, I have a few critics. For a game THIS EXPENSIVE, there should be way more CG. It’s absolutely ridiculous.
Second, some of the cgs were just wonky as hell, with weird angle making the characters look weird or disarticulated. That is not because of the art style, it’s just a lack of care. Again, the price is not justified if you gonna give little to no CG and with wonky drawings.
It was pretty when care was actually taken. The backgrounds were great and I loved to look at them.

The music was really good. Each place has their theme and they fit really well! However the oni’s one is weirdly metal if you compare it to the rest of the game’s themes, but I still enjoyed it. At least they put some effort in there.

The writing was incredibly lazy. You set up a world where a lot of different things can happen, and you do nothing with it. It’s ridiculous and honestly a joke. In each route you’d be left with 4 hours of gameplay maximum PER LOVE INTEREST, simply because they didn’t care to push their world to it’s limit and explore it. I’m so dissapointing. It just felt rushed and lazy.
At least, the love interests are fleshed out enough to enjoy it a little bit, but here we go again… It was to short to enjoy.
The villains were also badly written. They were your typical brats that think everything is theirs. I don’t know, maybe try and make your villain make sense instead of making them jealous for 0 reason.

The cast is amazing, one thing though, Akuro’s voice was, to me, not the right one. He was still good but it wasn’t what I was expecting and with a different one, maybe Akuro would’ve been more … Interesting.
Semi’s voice actor on the other end smashed it. He was SO GOOD and embodied the guy really well. It was a bliss to listen to him talking.

Overall thoughts and rating

Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani was a major disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, but the lack of literally everything was just frustrating and I felt like I wasted not only my time, but also my money.
Each route takes barely 5 hours, there is very little CGs, everything falls short, and in each route, it feels like nothing happens, and when something does, that one little thing becomes the major theme of the route and ruin it completely because it either makes no sense or is frustrating.
It also get very repetitive because there is always a main event in each route. It’s just the same.
One positive thing for me is, beside Shu, I adored every love interest. They were amazing and lovable, and I didn’t get tired of them by the end, I wanted to see more!
There is very little to say about this game because there is very little at all to play, and for the price, it’s absolutely ridiculous. At this point, I feel like the developer/publisher are mocking us and think we will buy anything because the men are pretty. That’s not how it works.

For those who want to pay for it, at least wait for some kind of sale.
The order I recommand to play is as follow: Akuro -> Hira -> Shiratsuki -> Shu -> Semi -> Final route.

Note: It only took me 30 hours to complete.

I do not recommend this game as it is right now, it’s not worth the money.

It’s a 6/10 for me. A major disappointment on the writing side, but enjoyed my time with the love interests.

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