Piofiore: Fated Memories Otome Game Review

Piofiore: Fated Memories is an otome game available on Nintendo Switch for £44.99/49,99€/$49.99.

Released in October 2020, developed by  Design Factory, Otomate and Idea Factory, published by Aksys Games and Otomate.

This game is fully voiced beside the MC.

WARNING. THIS GAME IS RATED PEGI 16. If you are uncomfortable with subjects as drugs, extreme violence, blood, torture and such, please do not buy this game as it is extremely present and is completely part of the story.

Synopsis and common route (spoiler free)

Synopsis from Nintendo UK store:

Liliana Adornato was born and raised in the church in the center of the Italian town of Burlone. Three criminal organizations control parts of the city, and Lili discovers that she is literally in the center of their turf wars.

Her encounters with the leaders of the Falzone, Visconti, and Lao-Shu mafia lead to danger and distraction. Once Lili is drawn into the shadowy world of crime Families, she realizes there is no going back.

The common route is pretty fast in my opinion, because the world setting isn’t as complicated as other games such as Olympia Soirée. It’s set in the real world in Italy. You have plenty of choices, but the issue with it being that none of the choices you get make any sort of sense on which route you’re taking. I had to use a guide to really know where I was going. I don’t mind it to be honest, I like it more this way, but it might annoy others.
The route changes a bit, gives you new choices everytime you get a best ending. It doesn’t throw you in the big dark theme right away but you can see things aren’t pretty and happy.

Before I start talking about the characters and their routes, I’d like to say, there is one true route after everyone’s route, a short story with CGs, and one chapter after the good AND the bad ending of each character. (Content is amazing.) One other thing is that, each route starts to change before the obvious chapter of good or bad ending. So you really get a whole different story when you redo the routes to get all of the endings.

Characters (Possible Spoilers)

Liliana Adornado

Unlucky Nun

Age: 21 years old.
Liliana is VERY PRETTY. Like she is amazingly pretty to me, and at the time I was getting bored of the “everyone look” from other otome games, so it was also nice to see a blond girl with green eyes. I also love how she dresses.
You could think at first that she is pretty naive and kinda dumb, but she isn’t. Well, some of the choices on certain routes are very “answer dumb or answer smart” but that’s necessary. She has a great personality aswell.
At first I thought she wasn’t really strong willed, but quickly I realised that she literaly has no choice but to let people kidnap her and such, because they all have deadly weapons. So she just doesn’t want to die, which is fair enough!
She is also very caring of her friends/familly and you can see that in every route. She cares so much she will do whatever it takes to protect them. She is a very careful person, as one should be in the world she lives in.
So I think overall her personality is just perfect, she acts logically and thinks like a normal person would in her situation. I don’t think there was many moments where I would think “Oh my god just shut up and do that”. It was very nice.

Nicola Francesca

Dangerous playboy

Voice: Ryohei Kimura ( Gill Lovecraft – Cupid Parasite  | Tartaglia – Genshin Impact  |  Kou Mukami – Diabolik Lovers  | Kageyuki Shiraishi – Collar x Malice )


Age: 28 years old.
I see Nicola as a typical Italian cliche. I don’t know why.
He wasn’t my favorite at all. I didn’t like him and thought he was pretty basic. Which he is at first, but he is also very loving and caring, he just has a weird way of showing it.
He is seen as the flirty guy that always has a smile on his face and helps people around the city whenever they need. However he has, like every character of this game, a dark side. Now, I don’t think his dark side is nearly as bad as the rest, but it’s still pretty f-ing bad. If you get to the right route though, you’ll only see the good things, except I took the bad ending (without a guide of course) and I saw a horrible side of him. This guy is one loss away from losing his mind the entire game, it’s pretty incredible he is keeping it together.
He is also very cunning and can be very fake if necessary. Basically, he can do anything and everything, and so he will be whatever you need him to be for his own good. He is interesting but I didn’t like him still. Just a matter of taste on this one!


I did not do all the routes, did not get all the cgs because he really was boring to me. However, I can say his best route was really cute. As I said he is very cuter and caring, and his cgs show how warm he is toward Lili.
But, I got the bad ending first. And that one was … horrible. The story was hard to read, and I was really dissapointed by Nicola. It really makes you feel like he is a bad guy, and you should have never thought otherwise. I felt really bad for the MC as we go through hell together, and even in the end, the nightmare does not end.



Voice: Nobuhiko Okamoto ( Katsuki Bakugo – My Hero Academia | Kakeru Sengoku – Horimiya | Peter Flage – Cupid Paraside | Genya Shinazugawa – Demon Slayer | Taiga Isurugi – Variable Barricade | Karma Akabane – Assassination Classroom | And many more)

No, the image is not a spoiler, it’s the very first CG with Yang..


Age: 29 years old.
Yang is something else. He is my favorite of the game and I just fell in love with him. However he is not a sweet guy at all. Do not be fooled, he does not care about anything. He just does things that entertain him, the more dangerous, the better.
A lot of people hate him but I don’t think he is the one that does the worst things in the game.
Yang is very cunning, smart, and strong. He is that type of unpredictable character you can’t get enough of. You never know what’s on his mind, and I’m not sure he does either… He is just here for the fun of it.
He is incredibly violent and rough, he does not have any sweetness in him and he is super selfish. You gotta ask, how does one even like this man? Well I don’t know but the voice actor surely helped a lot, he does an incredible job.
TO BE CLEAR, you are not a person to Yang, you are merely an object for his entertainement. I know it can be quite shocking for some, so I rather repeat that.
To add, his theme song is *chef kiss*. It’s so pretty.

I understand people hate him, and I understand why some do. Let’s all respect that.


Stockolm syndrom. That defines his route. Bad, good or best ending.
I love every bit of it. It was fun, there was a lot of action and honestly the fact that he does not seek to shelter Lili from danger the entire time makes me really happy. Even if it’s for his own fun.
His route is the one that challenges the MC’s moral the most and you can watch it evolve a lot from start to finish, not that she has a choice.
His best ending is not the best for the other characters but it was necessary, and I’m not mad about it. From his point of view, they got what they deserved.
I think, weirdly, my favorite ending and the one I went blind in, was not the best ending. And that’s because it represented the character very well, you don’t know what’s going to happen until the very end. And then you still don’t know why it happened, and the only answer you get, really is “well that’s Yang so…”

Dante Falzone

Big boss

Voice: Kaito Ishikawa ( Metropoliman – Platinum End | Tenya Iida – My Hero Academia | Genos – One punch man | Adam – Bustafellows | Il Fado De Rie – Cafe Enchante)


Age: 23 years old.
Dante is, at first, very cold. He is supposed to be the big boss of the Falzone family, so of course he thinks he has to be like this. In reality, it’s not really his personality. He cares a lot, and he has a lot of emotions. However, Orlok’s bad ending will make him look like a literal monster. And well, it was shocking. He can be incredibly crual and torture people without a second thought. He is dangerous.
He wasn’t my favorite but he was pretty nice to be around. One thing I didn’t like was all the lying and the scheming for literally no reason. Well the reason being, he doesn’t want to show that he cares about people. Massive facepalm.
He is young and it shows, he had to learn his job without his father to train him, and we can feel all of that really well. He is a very well written character.


Dante’s route was the most plot heavy. He should definitively be played last.
It was overall very interesting, but the whole “leave her behind in the manor so she is safe” got me a bit bored. I mean, it’s what a normal person would do, but he is a mafia boss who needs to protect us for holy reasons, so we are far from normal here.
He will never take a straight foward way to say how he feels and it complicates things, but it does not make his route longer and I thought it was great, because complicating things to make a route longer is the most boring thing you can do to me. Since it’s not the case, cheers!


Shy boi

Voice: Toshiyuki Toyonaga ( Tokitsugu Semi – Dairoku | Claude Von Regan – Fire Emblem | Yuki Katsuki – Yuri!!! On ICE | Juichiro Tanizaki – Bungo Stray Dogs)


Age: 18 years old.
Orlok is your typical younger character. He is super shy, he barely speaks and when he does it feels like he is much younger than 18 years old. I don’t like these characters to start with. He is too young for me and I see him much more as a little brother than a love interest. It really feels like you have to teach him life and that’s a motherly role, not a lover’s.
His whole personality is really him being shy and kept in the dark by the church. Yikes from me. That does not mean he is badly written and unlikable at all. I think he is a cool character, and if I was 18 I would’ve liked him for sure.
He is also pretty smart, which is a thumbs up because imagine if he was shy and stupid?
He tries so hard to not doubt the church and it’s almost painful to witness. His goal is to protect us but the whole “NO CANT TOUCH DONT WANNA TAINT” reminded me of Himuka from Olympia soiree.


Orlok’s route was very complicated. He acts on orders but he still has a sense of morality. *sometimes*
A lot of his endings are so very tragic but I got traumatised by the bad one thanks to our dear Dante (I will never forget it’s so cruel it’s… get me out). He is so unlucky and for each bad thing that happened to him I felt so bad.
I felt safe with him on his route. Like, secure, because he is a very good fighter, the best even. I loved the fighting scenes but I was so stressed the entire time… Not great.
His best ending wasn’t very satisfying I must admit. I felt like it was too good to be true, but also the happiness was tainted by some little things around them. It’s hard to explain that feeling of “meh”. Not my favorite but it was still worth going through because of the plot!

Gilbert Redford

Funny boss

Voice: Shōtaro Morikubo ( Tetta Kisaki – Tokyo Revengers | Troy – Bustafellows | Shin Tsukinami – Diabolik Lovers | Impey Barbicane – Code: Realize | Zagred – Black Clover)


Age: 26 years old.
Gilbert must be the best, best as in nicest, respectful, out of them all. Well, Orlok is very respectful but it’s not the same type.
There is not a single ending where Gilbert’s goal is to hurt Lili, I loved that about him. During the entire game, he stuck to his principles and never went out of his way to be cruel. If he had to do something terrible, it’s not because he enjoyed it.
Gilbert is so fun to be around, he definitely is my second favourite, he is an amazing boss and people like him, instead of fearing him. He goes out of his way to be likable and get to know everyone. I loved that about him.
Gilbert also knows to be serious and will definitely do whatever he needs to keep his family going and protect his people. He is just so loyal.
Around him I felt safe and I was sure I was not gonna get killed, whereas for the others, I wasn’t so certain.


His route was the last I played, I’m not sure you can play it before anyways.
It was really full of action and mind games, where Gilbert would find himself in really weird and unfair situations. Not saying he is doing thing that are totally legal, but he’d be accused of some things he didn’t even do. The frustration! But it was a good kind of frustration.
The bad endings broke my little heart, it’s just so.. unfair. It’s, again, frustrating but a good kind because it’s well written.
The good ending though was absolutely adorable and it made me happy for Lili.
One thing is, Gilbert is like the most touching character for me, so it was really hard to see him getting all these struggles in the bad endings. I hated it!

Final route

There is a final route, which I liked, because it brings a new perspective on things and there is still some plot to uncover. They didn’t dump it on all of the other love interest’s routes and it really made it interesting. Often, final routes lack creativity, which obviously was not the case here.
I can’t say more without spoiling, so, here we go, final route = good.

Art, music, writing, voice acting.

The art was absolutely STUNNING. The CGs get steamy real fast, so I got really surprised by it but I do not complain. But beside that, it’s just incredibly pretty, the style suits the game so well. The backgrounds were also very pretty. Nothing was left ugly or disturbing, and it felt like they really put a lot attention into details. One little thing, it did not bother me but it did bother a friend of mine, is that they did draw the side characters, but they have no eyes. It’s common in animes but I guess if you don’t watch a lot of it, it can surprise you. I did not mind.

For the music, it’s really good and did not bother me at all while reading or listening. I really loved the Yang theme, well it’s more his mafia’s theme than his but it’s easier to explain this way, it’s really relaxing.
Every single piece of music has a different purpose and you can feel it. It’s nice because it’s diverse, I loved that a lot.

For the writting, well, it’s indeed very hard to read at times because they can go and describe torture scenes. I’m pretty much used to it so I was fine, but I’m not gonna lie some endings got me wanting to forget about it forever. It’s very heavy.
It felt like the story was moving around the mafia and not Lili, which I liked. It was not her making the story progress and not everything depended on her, I really like that aspect.
There is also the fact than the love interests do not change. I mean, yes, their feelings change toward Lili, but in fact, it’s Liliana getting used to them rather than her making them good people or whatever. It was a nice change. I’m not a fan of “we must change the man, I can repair them”. So they keep doing whatever they do as the mafia, and she just has to accept it and deal with her own morals. I don’t know why that doesn’t happen more often because it really is my favorite way to do things!
It is a mafia game but, it’s not JUST about the mafia. You can find some subjects such as faith in the Christian god, people having trouble with it, or the polar opposite, having too much faith in it. Liliana being a nun and having to see what the mafia does, challenging her morals and etique is an another thing I found interesting.
The side characters were not left behind and they also have their struggles and hardship! I liked every single one of them… well beside one guy named Lee. He really did a number on me. Anyways, they are not left behind with the writting.
I find the game good because of every element it’s made of. The gore, the violence, the rest… It’s a mix of everything making it my favourite.

The voice acting was just amazing. I mean, look at the cast, it can’t be bad. Yang’s voice actor is super famous, but also I did not realise it was him until I googled it. He is truly talented.
I really liked listening to them and I hope I get to listen to more of them in other otome games because they are all so great.

It took me 35 hours to finish, didn’t complete it entirely because of Nicola and 1 CG of Orlok I could not find no matter what I tried. So it took less time than Olympia Soiree and Cupid Parasite, but it’s longer than Bustafellows.

Overall thoughts and rating

Piofiore: Fated Memories is my favorite otome game. It’s top 1 and the only game that might dethrone it is it’s sequel that is set to be released next year, in 2022.
It’s not in the world of today, it requires some world setting and some explanation on how the mafia works, but it does not get boring. It really sucks you into the story, which is why it might be too much for some people.
There is more than one subject that Piofiore covers, this makes it all the more interesting and you just don’t want it to be done.
The attention to details in this game really makes it perfect. Everyone gets a personality, a goal, a past. Not a single character is bland.
I found everything to be just right, just for my taste. There is always 20+ cg per character, and it’s soooo much! Nicola has the most with 28.
It’s a real pearl and it’s worth it’s price.
I recommand this order : Nicolas -> Yang -> Orlok -> Dante -> Gilbert -> Final route.

I definitely recommend it to those who are not sensitive to it’s darker themes.

It’s a 10/10 for me.

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