Cupid Parasite Otome Game Review

Cupid Parasite is an otome game available on Nintendo Switch for £44.99/ 49,99 €/$49.99.

Released the 2 November for America, and the 5 November 2021 for Europe, developed by Otomate and Idea Factory and published by Idea Factory aswell.

This game is rated PEGI 12. It’s overall a very light game.


Voiced: Fully (Beside the MC)
Music: Yes

Synopsis and common route (Spoiler free)

This game takes place in the real world.

Synopsys from Nintendo’s Website:

What’s love got to do with it? In this divine romantic comedy, play as [Lynette Mirror], [Cupid Corporation]’s top bridal advisor and none other than [Celestia]’s Goddess of Love, [Cupid]! Determined to prove that love is more than bows and arrows, she meets her biggest challenge yet – the infamous [Parasite 5].

But in finding love for the [Parasite 5], will [Cupid] find love herself?

The common route is so very long. But it’s new so I thought “Oh the music is good, the effects are great, I love it”. Two hours later the music, which includes vocals, was too distracting, I couldn’t hear the characters talking properly, even at the lowest level. So I had to just turn it off.
It really was too long to me. It felt like they just put a whole lot of dialogues to make it longer but not more interesting. It was truly boring to me. Unlike other otomes where it’s needed to extablish the universe, this one takes place in the real world, and so it just does not need that much explanation. Also, sometimes the read skip is bugged for some reason.

One very positive thing is the flowchart where you can see all the chapters and the one you did not play, where it starts and such. It was usefull.

Characters (Possible spoilers)

Lynette Mirror

Cupid Parasite

Lynette Mirror is our main character. We very early on learn she is in fact Cupid. The problem I see with that kind of character is that they might be too unique to identify yourself to them, which is kind of a big part of otome to me. I’m not gonna think as myself as a god, it’s a bit awkward.
Lynette had been in this world for six years already, she went to school and made friends, so I don’t understand how in every route she’s incapable of conveying how she actually feels and then this inability always leads to more problems.
Other than this major flaw, she is a reliable character, she is honest (sometimes), she is smart, and she isn’t a bland doll. Which is a plus. It’s great to play as her when she isn’t acting dumb.
She is also very pretty. Her character design is SO great!

Ryuki F. Keisaiin

Glamour Parasite

Ⓒ Idea Factory 2021

Voice: Junya Enoki (Rika Honko – High-Rise Invasion  | Jujutsu Kaisen – Yuji Itadori | Yuri -Fire Emblem: Three Houses  | Pannacotta Fugo – Jojo’s bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind)


Age: 19 years old.
I’d like to start by saying Ryuki is a little prick. He has 0 redeemable qualities. You can say “it’s the whole point of the game”, it’s not true. Most of the other love interest have some qualities. I cannot see one thing I like about Ryuki. He comes off as a spoiled brat who basically calls everyone ugly. He cannot see people who are too ugly, as in he erases them for his view?! He is so very rude, I just don’t like him. He is all about fashion and beauty which I just cannot care less about. He says he is honest but you can be honest without being rude, that’s just an excuse. I got him in the test and I’m not going to lie, I was a bit pissed off because it basically said to me “all you care about is looks”. Insulting to be matched with that guy, honestly. I went with it but damn, it was a rough start. It just wasn’t fun.
One thing that I did to have a little bit of fun during his route was checking the color codes he was saying. That’s about it.
Finally, I kept hearing Yuji Itadori and not a new character, it kinda threw me off.


I did not have fun. This route had no plot. The dude falls in love and he basically is screaming “NO PLEASE NO”. It’s awesome to be insulted by that guy for the entirety of his route (no). It was so long and boring because nothing happens beside internal conflicts. I skipped a lot and honestly I don’t think I missed anything. There is 16 CG for Ryuki and it’s just not enough considering the length of his route. I wasn’t looking foward to see them at some point simply because they just would never come.
When you reach any of the normal or good ending, Ryuki is not even the same person he was at first. They changed his personality completely and it was really annoying.
The normal ending felt like a weird fanfiction. It’s poorly written in my opinion.
The bad ending felt rushed, like they didn’t care at all. It was weird and just too fast. It made no sense whatsoever to me.
His route is just the worse of them all, with only one thing reveal about the big plot. You probably should play it first but also maybe not because it might kill your will to keep playing.

Allan Melville

Thieving Parasite

Voice: Makoto Furukawa ( Sylvain – Fire Emblem: Three Houses | Saitama – One Punch Man | Miyuki Shirogane – Kaguya-Sama: Love is War | Hatsuharu Soma – Fruits Basket)


Allan is a very special character. He got disappointing in his personality a few times at the start, but it gets better after. The voice actor carried his personality, if it wasn’t for him he would’ve been pretty boring. The way he says “okay” is SO WEIRD yet so COOL. I don’t know what it is.
Allan is more than what he shows, obviously, but he is sometimes too cute for what he is supposed to be. There isn’t much things to say about his personality in my opinion, he is kind of a cliche until a certain point.


His route was LONG. So LONG. It only gets good halfway through and then you finally cannot stop playing it. Allan’s route is plot heavy, and I should’ve played it last, I think.
A lot of stupid things kept happening in the first bit, it felt rushed at first and then nothing happen for an hour. They did not handle this well.
The inner monologue and conflict of both of them is interesting, but when you read the first line, you can basically guess what the next 5 thoughts will be. They are both very predictable.
Sometimes, the writting was lacking. It felt like a fan fiction. I don’t know if it’s because of the translation or not, but it was really weird.
And then it’s so sad for so long, it was hard to go through because it also felt frustrating.
The endings were logical. Well, the good one was, at least. I liked it and I don’t think they could’ve made a better choice.
There is an ending I could not reach whatever I would do, so I got a bit annoyed. I used guides and the flowchart, started everything again but it just wouldn’t let me.

Shelby Snail

Prestige parasitye

Ⓒ Idea Factory 2021

Voice: Kenn (Limbo – Bustafellows | Kamanue – Demon slayer | Secco – Jojo’s bizarre adventure | Leopold Vermillion – Black Clover)


Age: 32 years old.
Shelby is the boss. He cares a lot about everyone and he is great to be around. He is very sincere so he really is so bad at hiding stuff, making it even funnier. He is also very stubborn and can be exceptionnaly dumb and clumsy. Of course, he is the prestige parasite so what he has is just never enough for him. He needs more and more and more, so much that it’s obvious he will never reach a stage where he is happy with himself and his statue. And because of that, he works all the time and everything needs to be perfect. He is the cliche of a workalcoholic to be honest.
He was fun to be around because he is fun despite himself not being aware of it.
One little thing that made me sigh is the amount of BREATHING. THE VOICE ACTOR DOES BREATHING NOISES CONTANTLY. I lost my mind over that for some reason, and not in a good way.


His route was a so nice after going through Allan’s and Ryuki’s. I loved the start because of the comedy. I laughed a lot during it.
However it becomes frustrating so quickly. We go again in the “I like this person but I don’t realise it or want to love anyone” and it’s getting quite redundant for my taste. It gets better toward the end but I don’t know if it was really worth it.
I noticed that they spend a long time being like “no can’t touch” and all of the suden, it’s all sensual for no reason. I don’t understand these kind of shift. Some might like it, not me!
The best ending was really cute. It was the best they could do for a best ending and I can’t ask for more!
The normal ending is a good normal ending. It’s not satisfying, but it’s a “good enough” type of feeling you get.
The bad endings are okay, but one just stroke me as absurd. Lynette just decides she prefers hobbies, leaves her job and leaves poor Shelby alone. What? Just, what? It was really poor writting, like they run out of idea and slapped that on his route to make sure there was enough content. Quality over quantity, please..

Raul Aconite

Obessed parasite

Ⓒ Idea Factory 2021

Voice: Taku Yashiro ( Jude – The saint’s magic power is omnipotent | Koichi Shindo – Horimiya)


Age: 21 years old.
Raul was something else. He is indeed, obsessed by greek mythology. There is no stopping him. I like mythology aswell but that was just too much. His voice actor carried the energy and the obsession amazingly, because I found myself being tired of him talking constantly.
He has a very carefree personality and it reflects in his way of life, which is very uncompatible with finding love. Personaly, I found nothing wrong with that, but for the sake of the game, it had to be bad. Kind of dissapointing.
Raul is very caring and sweet once you get to know him, and consent is a big thing, which is great to see in an otome game. He is really cute later on, and he got less tiring to me.


So the best ending was very badly written in my opinion. Lynette got picked up by the director out of nowhere. It made no sense what so ever. The normal ending made way more sense and was way more satisfying than the best one in my humble opinion.
Now, we all know in otome some weird and seemingly pointless choice may change the course of events, right? Well, never in my life I thought eating the wrong oyster would change the course of Lynette’s destiny, but here we are. I was surprised and it made me laugh a lot but this ending was like a weird fan fiction. Kind of out of the pocket.

Gill Lovecraft

Lovelorn Parasite

Ⓒ Idea Factory 2021

Voice actor: Ryohei Kimura ( Tartaglia – Genshin Impact | Nicolas Francesca – Piofiore | Kageyuki Shiraishi – Collar x Malice | Kou Mukami – Diabolik Lovers | Braz D. Blood – Blood Lad)


Age: 24 years old.
Right, so I played Gill last because he was the least interesting to me. Now I wish he just wasn’t in the game.
Gill is the massive stalker and a creep. He has no good quality to me, and being nice doesn’t give him a pass to be like that.
At some point, he says “I have to play the role of the safe roomate to be around”. That just game me the chills and I thought it was just so god damn creepy. If you have to ACT safe, they you clearly are not. He stalks her wherever Lynette goes, takes the same job as her, went to uni to be able to stalk her more often, and since he lives with her, there is barely a second where he isn’t creeping around. Worst is, he thinks of himself as a savior for the MC. He also thinks of her a “a pure little bird”, and has “the nature of a sweet child” but then go on and has woohoo dreams with her, and makes lewd comments in his head. What the hell?
You can give him praise for helping out Lynette when she first arrive, but he clearly had other things in mind than just helping her, I found that repulsive. I really wish they didn’t include his thoughts in the game. Maybe he would’ve been more bearable.
Anyways he was a handful and not in a good way.


I had a real problem with his route. I just really didn’t care and wanted to get out as soon as possible. In fact, I only played the good end because of how bad this was. It was “normal” (for this kind of creepy character), and then it got all weird science fiction and it really just didn’t sit well with me. The writing was just poor.

Overall thoughts and rating

Cupid Parasite was overall a huge disappointment. I was really hyped for this but it got to the point where I could not wait to be done with it. Maybe some people will like it, but it was just far from being a good game for my point of view.
There is a secret route, but the text is bugged (never ending, not in the box) one time out of ten.
The CGs are dissapointing. For the price, which is the same as Olympia Soiree, you’d expect more than that. 16 CGs per characters, which do not move and are pretty bland. I was really mad at this.
Don’t get me wrong, the art is great in general, it has a great style, but it’s just not enough.
The voice acting was great, beside Ryuki’s which was just Itadori in hiding, they really hired top tier actors.
The music drove me insane as I turned it down to minimum, I still could not hear the voices of the characters because of the singer in the background. Yikes.
The writing feels lazy, fan fictionesque at best. I really feel like they should’ve made less endings and concentrate on making a better story for each characters. It’s bad.
The bigger plot is amazing though, I’ll give them credit for that, but it’s not good enough to erase all the bad stuff going on in this game.
Whoever came up with Gill Lovecraft’s personality should get fired. Thank you.
It took me an unholy amount of time to complete because of it was just torture to go through. But with that price, I just felt bad giving up. I should’ve.

The routes order should be as followed: Ryuki -> Gill -> Shelby -> Raul -> Allan.

I’ll rate this game 4/10, and I don’t really recommend it as it’s clear they’ve put 0 effort in to most of the game.

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