Olympia Soirée Game Review

This game is in my top 2.

Olympia Soirée is an otome game available on Nintendo Switch for £44.99/49,99 €/$49.99.

Released worldwide on the 9 September 2021, developed by Otomate and published by Aksys Games.

This game is rated PEGI 18 in UK and contains mature subject such as sex, death, gruesome images, death and so on. If you are uncomfortable with any of these subject, please, do not play this game.


Voiced: Fully!
Music: Yes
Rated Pegi 18

Synopsis and common route (Spoiler free)

This game has a whole universe to itself. It’s extremely hard to explain in a few words.

We are in a completely different society from what we know today. This society is ruled by colors. The primaries (Blue, Yellow, Red), have the most power, and then the secondary and so on. We are of the White, who did not live on the same island as the others. The White are very special and do no live with the others, secluded on a different close by island. After a tragedy, Olympia found herself taken in by the Yellow on the main island. She never really went out because people feared her, and so, we discover the island, it’s history and mystery along with her.

The common route is very long however I did not find myself frustrated or bored because it was absolutely necessery to understand this society and it’s rules, which are fairly confusing at times. It also presents the love interests which have different roles.

To choose a route, you will not have to redo the whole prologue at all. You simply chose from a screen after the last chapter of the prologue.

However, you have to unlock Yosuga, Kuroba, Riku and Tokisada’s good ending to play Himuka, and finish Himuka’s good ending to unlock Akaza which is the true route. They will be greyed until you meet the requirements.

It is easy to have the good or bad ending since whenever you make a choice, a meter goes to the left, which is the good choice, or right, which is the bad choice.

Characters (Spoilers?)


The best otome MC

This character is not voiced as she is the main character (as is standard in Otome games).


Age: 18 years old.
Olympia is the most likable character you’ll be able to play, she is just amazing. She is mentally strong, fights her own battles and will not let anything bring her down. She stands again the island’s ridiculous principles thanks to her knowledge of her status and privileges.
Her life was far from easy, and we definitely can feel it while playing her, yet she does not spend her time remembering her struggle and wishes to move foward more than anything. Her quest for love is also a quest to find herself, as she is learning to build her personality through whatever comes to her. She is a bit naive at times, but she never mingled with people, so it was not annoying at all, if anything, it was understandable.
She is also cultivated and knows a lot of random things, which might not be super useful but it’s interesting to have a capable character in areas in which I am not. However, she has no clue how to cook, and I loved that because I could fully identify with that myself.

The choices we are presented are also far from passive. You can chose to agree, disagree, or to sometimes, even be sarcastic. It’s really refreshing and I loved playing as her.


Underground prince

Voice: Yuma Uchida ( Megumi Fushiguro – Jujutsu Kaisen | Teru Minamoto – Toilet-bound Hanako-kun | Kyo Soma – Fruit Basket | Ash Lynx – Banana fish)

I will reviews the character in the order of which I played, HOWEVER, it’s not especially the order I’d recommend, I just decided to do what I felt fit best.


Yosuga was my very first route because… Well look at him. He looks handsome.
He is the owner of the bathhouse in Yomi, and so much more.
When we first met him, he struck me as very mysterious yet nice man. It was obvious to me there was wayyy more to him than what he was showing.
He is a very secretive character, a tragic upbringing yet… He does not let that define his future or his actions. He is not the type to dwell. He moves foward.
His actions in Yomi show how kind and determined he is to change things around. He wants to protect people and he knows exactly how to do it. He is so very smart aswell.
He loves teasing Olympia and it was really fun being around him. I couldn’t wait to see him.
He is like a politician to me, but the good kind. He is far from powerless despite his background suggesting he should be. I truly love this character and he is my favorite, though it was really hard to chose.


His route was something else. Like, really something else. There is two bad endings, and one good ending. One of the good endings just took me by surprise. I was stunned by how horrible everything turned out and how fast it went. At first, I didnt know how the meter was working, so I didn’t especially aim toward the good ending route, and had no clue I was on the wrong one. It was a ride.
The second bad ending was a bit less shocking but just way sadder. Like way sadder. I don’t want to say too much but, oh man, I was this close from crying. I want to forget it actually thank you very much…
The good ending though was complicated to go through however it feels like it was a deserved one. It’s not like “everything is well, ends well”, but more of a ” You got lucky you went through all that without dying, good job! Here you can maybe be happy for 2 mins”. It was stressful to say the least.
Their relationship evolves in a sensual way, not the most sensual of the game but it’s clear that the main thing for Yosuga is stopping himself from touching Olympia. His route was more sensual than the spiciness you’d think it’d have, which was fine by me.


Rightous and shy

Voice: Nobunaga Shimazaki ( Mahito – Jujutsu Kaisen | Kazuha – Genshin Impact | Shun Kaidou – The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. | Haruka Nanase – Free | Yuki Soma – Fruit Basket | Yuno – Black Clover)

I had no clue his voice actor was voicing half of my favorite characters. I never even realised it was any of them. The range!


Riku is a very very complex character, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
At first, he appears rightous and sure of himself, even full of himself. Classist comments and rudeness toward anyone he does not deem to be worthy.
BUT THEN, we get to know him little by little, and we realise he is a burger loving shy guy. He has conditions to his status and it’s showing on how he behaves toward Olympia.
It was hard to learn to love him especially after Yosuga’s route, but then again we see a completely different side of him. I’m quite passionate about him because he is seriously trying to get better, knowing that he was horrible before.
Also he is a dancer just like our dear Olympia, which makes me feel like they have something really in common, to share and learn from eachother.
He gets shy really quickly, and it’s cute. He would say his feelings to literally anyone else but Olympia. She had no clue he liked her before a certain point but I did because of the experience with that kind of character.
Also, where the hell did that long hair come from? I’m lost.


His route was full of “I love you but we can’t be together” and others trying to mingle in our business for their own gain, which REALLY pissed me off at a certain point.
His good route was full of doubt from him, and from everyone else. It was quite something to be left in the dark because he wouldn’t let us help out. He needed time alone but of course it’s not amazing. Though the cute moments were absolutely worth it as he desperately wants to touch us but cannot for his own reasons. It then pushes Olympia to be the one leading the dance at certain moment and it’s quite refreshing.
His first bad ending was just so… Again, surprising. I knew I was on the bad ending route but I had no clue that the bad ending would be at that very moment. He just *poof* dissapears, gone, and in such a weird way aswell.
His second bad ending was beyond tragic and I hated it so much. Not because it was a bad route, but because it was a cruel, good, bad ending. The cg on this one made my heart break.


Tease, tease, tease

Voice: Tomokazu Sugita ( Gintoki Sakata – Gintama | Gyomei Himejima – Demon Slayer | Sauli – Bustafellows | Marlo – Attack On titan )

At first I wasn’t a fan of his design because of his mouth placement (I know, so specific…) But after playing two other routes it stopped bothering me.


Kuroba is the master teaser. He acts like he has no cares in the world. He keeps repeating that he is “the lover of all women on the island”. Of course he isn’t, obviously.
He is unique for his island. He is originally from Yomi yet managed to get out by using his brain. He is an example for all of them down there. He is a doctor now.
Even if he does act like nothing is ever on his mind, he is doing his very best to help Yomi and the children down there. He has such a big heart, even though he won’t admit it. His sleep schedule does not exist, he sleeps when he can, which shows how devoted he is.
Kuroba has issues with stopping the teasing at the right moment, because he never stops until someone runs away.
There is A LOT, A LOOOOT of sexual tension between him and Olympia. But the best is, he does not let it be just that. Wink.
But Kuroba is so much more than any description would give him credit for. They did a splendid job on him and his personality.
You cannot hate Kuroba. You just can’t.


Kuroba’s routes are something else. The bad ending got me thinking “What the hell she became insane” or “what the hell he became insane”.
The first bad ending I got was quite something. Careful, massive spoiler here. The fact that he kills Olympia because if he can’t have her, no one can, shocked me. I didn’t realised what was happening before I really took a good look at the CG, because it was really unexpected. Expected from him, unexpected in term of ending, to me. END OF THE SPOILER.
The other bad end broke my heart, once again. This game just broke me in little pieces, it seems. It felt like a divine punishement, I am not joking.
The good ending however was SO satisfying. Everything played EXACTLY how I wanted it to be and nothing was left out.



Voice: Yuto Uemura ( Tamaki Amajiki – My Hero Academia | Atsushi Nakajima – Bungo Stray Dogs | Hiro – Darling in the Franxx )

I laughed but his voice actor also voices Tokisada’s mouse.


Age: 17 years old.
He was my last of the 4 starting routes. Why? Well because he is 17. Olympia is 18 but, the entire time he calls us “Ne-san”, or big sister. It was NOT it. I dislike it very much when they decide to call us like a family member, and then romance us. Uncomfortable/20.

Tokisada’s personality was at first, very bright, full of joy and never a bad thing happening. But oh boy he is something else. He has such a dark side and past, he is heavily traumatised; I don’t blame him, I would be too. He is an outsider, meaning he wasn’t born on the island, which is rare. He has so much pressure on him and he feels like he doesn’t belong, which is fair enough.
He has absolutely no confidence in himself and is just full of good intentions. However, the more we get to know him, the more we see his naive side, which is not good because he is next level naive. Olympia, who barely interacted with the world, isn’t as naive as he is.
As we go deeper in their relationship, he grows up. And that is something I really appreciated. He starts to feel more adult as we go on. Depression does catch up with Tokisada and that’s something we have to help him go through.


His route has one of the worst bad ending of the game. Only one comes close from being that horrible. I’m telling you, I was not ready.
The first bad ending is … Not as horrible as the other bad ending. They chose the wrong destiny and that’s that. It’s sad, but it didn’t make me tear up at all.
BUT! The second one deserves a massive trigger warning. It was twisted, horrible and just… Absolutely disgusting. When you finish a route, you get the love interest thoughts on the ending and just, the voice acting there SHATTERED ME. I CRIED. And that’s how I ended up hating one of the secondary character called Kanan. He is probably the best villain, which makes him incredibly awful. He has no redeeming quality. None. Thanks to that bad ending. I want to get it out of my head thank you very much.
The good ending was really nice though. Tokisada shows some strength in this route and I loved to see it. It truly felt like we started a little family with him, and it warmed my heart.


Confusing stalker

Voice: Shun Horie ( Aether – Genshin Impact | Linhardt – Fire Emblem : Three Houses )

… He also voices Daifuke, Olympia’s mouse. Let me laugh thanks.


Himuka is… Well…
You think you know him? No you don’t ahaha you never do actually. That’s such a weird character to be around.
He is the undertaker. You’ll understand what that entails when you play. He is shunned by the people of the island because of that. He is pretty shy and talking to him sounds exhausting for Himuka. He has such a caring side to himself, how he cares for the dead and their rest, it’s touching.
Around Olympia, he is a soft boy who might break if you aren’t careful. He definitely is like glass. One thing that really annoyed me, and I believe it was made to be, since Olympia is also annoyed by this, he always acts like we are to be protected, untouched and worshipped. He constantly says he does not want to “taint” Olympia. That was probably the most frustrating thing to deal with when it came to him. However, it shows later that he is craving for a touch. He just thinks he isn’t worthy.
When we get to know him, when we see his true self, he is still a shy boy who think he is horrible. Poor self esteem is a big thing for him.
I cannot go too deep into his personality, because of a massive spoiler, but know he can get mad and will. He is witty as hell when he gets annoyed. Never for his sake, though.


Himuka’s route is surprising no matter which ending you’ll reach. It has the other bad ending who can match the horrible Tokisada bad ending. Buckle up and dont forget to breathe.
The first bad ending I reached, I did not truly understand. I was left confused with no big explanation. I just think Himuka was desperate and did whatever he could, which ended up in poor result.
The second bad ending… Oh boy. I want to unsee and forget. It’s similar to Tokisada bad ending and I really wish it didn’t exist. I felt horrible for Himuka. And shocked to be honest.
The good ending was tedious. Everything look like it was gonna end badly. It kind of did but then we get Olympia and her stubborness saving the day. I loved it, because it was a true happy ending after a lot of tears and effort.


The Iron mask

Voice: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka ( Inosuke Hashibira – Demon Slayer | Takashi Mitsuya – Tokyo Revengers | Betelgeuse Romanee-conti – Re:Zero | The Quintessential Quintuplets – Futaro Uesugi | Sword art Online – Kirito | Xiao – Genshin Impact | Soma Yukihira – Food war)


Akaza at first comes off as cold and uncarring, because it’s his job. However, he is much more than that. I find him very straighfoward in how he acts and what he says, I absolutely loved it. He is the last route, and honestly the wait was worth it. He never once was the bad guy.
He wants to change the island for the better, and is drowning himself in work for it. He cares for every single being on the island and doesn’t discriminate. He really tries to help Olympia out in everything she asks for, even if he thinks it’s impossible.
Something pretty reassuring about him is how he cares about consent. He will reassure Olympia several time about that and frankly from the other routes before him, it was much needed.
He knows everything and nothing surprises him due to his job, which I liked a lot! There is a couple of things he was not aware of but he doesn’t even act surprised. Loved this.
He is strong willed, he has all the quality of a hero, and franckly, he is.
Sometimes he can be a little annoying, hiding really important thing that we should know, but it is part of who he is.


His route is obviously the last one, but honestly, the plot reveals, the mysteries lifted, the lore, everything in his route that was not showed before was amazing though very heavy to take in.
The first bad end was kinda awkward to me. Though I cannot say I didn’t see it coming, it was quite a weird one. I can’t really say much but, one thing: Dammit, Tsukuyomi!
The second bad end is a result of us giving in to superstition and legend of the past. It’s horrible and honestly the noises in the last scene.. I don’t want to remember.
The good ending however was “everything ends well and is fixed forever”. It’s the typical fairy tail ending. I don’t have much complaint about it.
The relationship is evolving is a very logical way, just like Akaza. It was realistic to me.
Also: SPICY.

Side characters

There is quite a lot of side characters though I believe all of them deserve a little mention.

The big 3

Lord Douma : Shō Hayami

Lord Jigen : Mitsuru Miyamoto (Bungo Stray Dogs – Ougai Mori)

Lady Shura : Miyuki Sawashiro (Raiden Shogun – Genshin Impact)

All three of them basically rule the island. Doma is the one that took Olympia in. They all know Olympia because she needs to report to them once in a while, since she is the last of the White.

Douma is quite ruthless and I still don’t understand why he has been so horrible to Olympia. Litteraly, why? However it’s quite clear to me that he wanted to help her in his own cruel way, I guess? He is an outsider.

Lord Jigen was the nicest character. He was so very nice from the start and from what I understood he knew Olympia quite well since he loves walking on the beach, just like her. He never once tried something evil. He is also an outsider.

Lady Shura however is… Well, her duty to the Blue is her main goal but she walking the fine line between good and evil at moments. I didn’t really like her but she is definitely a good character.

Yomi Gang

Tsukuyomi : Kazuyuki Okitsu ( Fat gum: My Hero Academia)

Camellia : Rie Hikisaka ( March – To Your Eternity)

Hairi : Kei Shindo ( Kyoka Jirou – My hero Academia)

Asuha : Sakurako Ouchi

Tsukuyomi is the man that kinda raised Olympia. He was able to come to her island aswell. He is an outsider and is quite the mystery but after playing the game, I definitely despise him. At first I really thought he was reliable. Ahahah the game baited me I guess.

Camellia is a doll made by Tsukuyomi and is the purest soul ever. She’d do anything to help out. She really is the best girl.

Hairi is the reason why I don’t like kids. Dammit.

Asuha is the reason why I love kids.

See what’s happening here?

The douchebag squad

Nagusa : Wataru Komada

Kannan : Satoshi Shibasaki

Sakyo : Yuji Murai

Ah yes my favorite people (no).

Nagusa is the incarnation of slimey. He is SO HORRIBLE, it’s frustrating to play when he is around. That kind of character makes you wish you could teleport in the game just to punch him. Also, consent? Nah he doesn’t know what it is.

Kannan is the sneaky type of villain. He would be smiling at you while plotting to murder your entire family, for all I know. He is a good villain. But damn he is horrible and the bad endings are quite the things because of him.

Sakyo is just as bad. Though in most of the routes he tries to be nice, that one bad ending because of him is unforgivable. What a disgusting character.

Best boy award

Voice: Taishi Murata

Now this guy deserves peace. God his story is tragic and somehow he stays amazing. Many people wish he had his own route however I disagree respectfully, simply because of the reason why he got sent in Yomi. Give the guy time to grieve!
He never is the reason for a bad ending. He just … Play the game and you’ll want to pat pat him.

The mice

The mice play a great part in some on the routes. I wish the characters could understand them because of how loyal and nice they are.

Overall thoughts and rating

Olympia Soirée is an amazing game. The art is so pretty and unique! It’s colorful and mesmerising. I love going back on the game to look at it again and again. It’s really good.
The short stories following the good ending are really cute aswell and it adds to Olympia and her relationships. In “short stories” you’ll also find memoirs and presentations of all the characters.
The world is really well set and easy to understand, however sometimes it gets confusing. Might just be me going too fast!
All the characters are unique and leave their mark on the story, Olympia, and on us. I can’t ever forget these characters. Their designs aswell are really well done and the voice cast is well picked, and honestly they chose really big voice actors, and it shows! I love listening to them.
All the routes are very different, except for Akaza and Himuka which kind of is alike to me. My favorite was probably Yosuga though Akaza was really good. But Yosuga has something that Akaza don’t.
It’s easy to get the good ending without a guide as the meter goes to the light part when you do a good choice, and on the right when you do a bad one. However, you can only get one bad ending by going full bad answers. That’s when you’ll need a guide, to get the second bad ending that is a bit trickier to get. I didn’t mind that too much, though.
I truly hope there will be a second Olympia Game. All that world building for just one game would be such a waste!
The last thing I’d say is that this game is very steamy. It is heavely implied when Olympia and love interest are doing what you’d call ‘the nasty’. But also, you can hear it. It’s quite an experience and it adds to the game. It’s made for mature audience obviously, so I’m pretty happy with that.

The order I recommand to play in is as follow: Kuroba -> Riku -> Yosuka -> Tokisada. After playing these 4, you’ll have to play Himuka before Akaza, no choice!

I absolutely recommend this game. It’s one of the best I played. It’s very long, so if you can’t play a lot, it’ll take you ages to finish it. For me, it took me 40 hours + to complete it at 100%.

A 10/10 for me.

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