Welcome, very first post!


So here we are. I’ve always wanted to have that kind of blog, give my opinion on things, and I’m glad I can do just that now! I wanted to share my opinion on Otome games mostly, but maybe later, I’ll want to share it on other type of games.

I find there is very little otome reviewers, and when I read them, they find very little they dislike. Sadly, it lead me to regrettable purchases. So I wanted to help others not do the same mistake as I did. It was just one game but, otome, on switch, are very expensive.

And so here we are. I want to find a unique way to review things. And so, I’ll need to think about how to do that. I’ll need to learn to review things in the first place, and write articles properly. English being my second language, it’s even harder. But the challenge is exciting!

I’ve been especially inspired by Otome kitten *which guide’s I use when I play*. I saw their blog growing, and even when we do not have the same opinion sometimes, I am glad to see how their website grew.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll need to figure out more before I post something else, how this all website managing works and all the complicated stuff behind it. I cannot wait.

See you very soon!

6 thoughts on “Welcome, very first post!

  1. Thanks for this– I’m here in the same situation, wary of buying bad expensive otome since the reviews are so merciful, having English as a second language, etc. I caved in and got a Switch only recently because some titles just aren’t getting ported to the PC. I think I’m going to buy Collar x Malice first. Reviewing is a lot of work, I appreciate what you’re doing!

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    1. A lot of reviews are just too nice imo aswell, I got a couple of bad games because of that and it really wasn’t fun. So I’m happy it helped a little!
      CxM is amazing! I hope you enjoy it!
      And thanks a lot for reading and leaving this comment 💞

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      1. YW! I wasn’t expecting a quick answer and just finished skimming over your Olympia review (don’t want to get spoiled) so now I’m between Olympia and CxM haha.
        I’ve found that my country doesn’t support nearly any otoges and that I’ll have to change to USA or Europe. Apparently, CxM Unlimited (fuller version…?) is only available in Europe, but the extra content is just a fan disk and… can’t be bought separately as a DLC? And Code: Realize has two more titles that are the same price but also seem like fan disks? Do you know what’s up with that? x_x


      2. Do not buy CxM unlimited first! It is basically the following of all the best ending of CXM plus some extra, you wouldn’t understand anything without playing just cxm unlimited! So yeah a fan disc I guess
        I haven’t gone through code realise yet but there is SO MANY TITLES actually, but the first one FOR SURE, is “guardian of rebirth” 😊

        I think buying physical copies might be your only option if you can’t buy them in your country via Nintendo shop, I bought all of them there so I don’t really know :/

        I’d play cxm before Olympia Soirée, because I feel like cxm is a little bit lighter to start with 😊 but that’s just me!
        Hope I helped! I know how confusing it is at first 😊

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  2. Oh thanks so much, my head’s spinning at this point. I like both light and dark stories so I’ll take that into consideration! And you can change your country in the system or make another account as long as you have an international credit card or Paypal account… I think. Wish me luck because physical really isn’t an option LOL

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