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Cupid Parasite Otome Game Review

Cupid Parasite is an otome game available on Nintendo Switch for £44.99/ 49,99 €/$49.99. Released the 2 November for America, and the 5 November 2021 for Europe, developed by Otomate and Idea Factory and published by Idea Factory aswell. This game is rated PEGI 12. It’s overall a very light game. Specifics Voiced: Fully (Beside the MC)Music: Yes Synopsis and common route (Spoiler free) This game takes place in the real world. Synopsys from Nintendo’s Website: What’s love got to do with it?Continue reading “Cupid Parasite Otome Game Review”

Olympia Soirée Game Review

This game is in my top 2. Olympia Soirée is an otome game available on Nintendo Switch for £44.99/49,99 €/$49.99. Released worldwide on the 9 September 2021, developed by Otomate and published by Aksys Games. This game is rated PEGI 18 in UK and contains mature subject such as sex, death, gruesome images, death and so on. If you are uncomfortable with any of these subject, please, do not play this game. Specifics Voiced: Fully!Music: YesRated Pegi 18 Synopsis and common route (SpoilerContinue reading “Olympia Soirée Game Review”

Collar X Malice Otome Game Review

And here we are! My very first review. Collar x Malice is the very first otome game I had played. I’m really excited to review it! Collar X Malice is an otome game on Nintendo Switch. It was originaly released on Playstation Vita, in 2016. It was then realeased on Switch, worldwide 2020. Of course, Japan got it earlier. It was developped by Idea Factory, and published by them in Japan, whereas worldwide Aksys Games was the publisher. It is rated M forContinue reading “Collar X Malice Otome Game Review”

Welcome, very first post!

Hello! So here we are. I’ve always wanted to have that kind of blog, give my opinion on things, and I’m glad I can do just that now! I wanted to share my opinion on Otome games mostly, but maybe later, I’ll want to share it on other type of games. I find there is very little otome reviewers, and when I read them, they find very little they dislike. Sadly, it lead me to regrettable purchases. So I wanted to help othersContinue reading “Welcome, very first post!”

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